What Makes a Hero?

When we think of a hero we think of strong, brave, heroic people that save others from all sorts of problems and disasters. We even think of Superman and other fictional characters and their superhuman abilities. But what is a true, classic hero? How does someone become a hero? Who are the heroes these days? I just think the word hero is being passed around a little too much. Maybe we just need to take a closer look at the definition and really think about what characteristics make up a hero. A hero is usually an ordinary person that sometimes does extraordinary things. Another characteristic is that they usually have good leadership qualities and are brave and willing to face whatever is ahead. A true hero, in my eyes, is really never a hero at all or they don’t think of themselves as one but they are just trying to do what is right.
Heroes are just like everybody else. They don’t have super powers like Superman or Spiderman and they don’t have to be famous celebrities either. They just help out the people who are in need. Some might even think of their mom or dad as their hero, or even a teacher. Others might think of the police and firefighters as heroes because they keep the streets safe and save people from things that could hurt them. Heroes don’t have to be big strong people or be in a comic book they just need to be there at the right time and the right place. Even just going a little out of the way for someone makes a big difference in a person’s eyes. Heroes are friends, teachers, parents, police officers, firefighters, and anyone else who makes an impact in someone’s life for the good. Heroes are all around us we just need to take a closer look at who really makes an impact in our lives.
Today, so many people view celebrities as the heroes in our culture but really that is hardly true. While there are quite a few celebrities who are upstanding, kind, compassionate, and do great things for our community, we give them a lot more power than they deserve...