Sally Morris

PI B6122481

TMA 01

Experience and Role

This assignment portrays my understanding of the role of a Teaching Assistant and how I believe my past experience has influenced my current role.

The Teaching Assistant’s File (DfEE, 2000, para. 2.5) suggests four levels of support provided, and although I have structured my assignment in this way, I feel that many points are interlinked and as a whole they highlight the extreme diversity of the Teaching Assistant’s role. As suggested in Study Topic 1 page 5, they are sometimes referred to as ‘paraprofessionals ‘ meaning they supplement and support the work of professionals.


I support a mixed year 3/4 class (KS 2 ages 7-11) but have experience in working across KS1 and KS2, including Foundation stage. I run a breakfast club and am a nominated first aider.   A Cover Supervisor qualification enables me to supervise the class in the absence of the Teacher. My job description is ‘Teaching Assistant level 2’ and my role is extremely diverse with varying levels of responsibility.   My school (2012) Job Description. (Appendix A)

Primarily my aim is to help pupils access the curriculum provided by the Teacher.   I supervise individuals and groups during learning activities.   To help encourage acceptance and inclusion of pupils with special educational needs I deliver daily phonic sessions.   I provide support for pupils’ independent learning by reinforcing the Teacher’s points.   I also support gifted and talented pupils to stretch their abilities.   I deliver a P.H.S.E   lesson which facilitates physical, social, emotional and educational development, where I aim to gain pupils’ trust and confidence, encourage independence and good behaviour.   It is important to develop positive working relationships with pupils to assist maximum progress and attainment.             (KU1.1)

As suggested in Study Topic 1, page 10, Teaching Assistants not only support learning but also enhance pupils’...