Dd131 Tma01

Module DD131   Assignment No. TMA01

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know..

For this assignment piece I have chosen Knutsford, Cheshire and one of its busiest shopping streets; Princess Street; to discuss differences and inequalities when they are compared to City road in Cardiff, with particular reference to the study materials that I have used.   I will be exploring the two streets by looking at the people and objects of both and exactly how they are assembled into our social lives.

Knutsford has existed as a town for many hundreds of years and was recorded in William the Conquerors Domesday Book of 1086. (www.domesdaybook.co.uk,. Pg 73, 74) The population of the town now reaches nearly 19,000 people and some use Princess Street as a shopping destination, with the buildings themselves dating from around 1800 and many of them being listed. City Road is approximately 1 mile long and is the busiest street in Cardiff (‘The Street’, 2009). There is a wide and diverse range of cultures and this is evident with the shops, restaurants and takeaways which are mainly aimed at the ever growing student population and the local ethnic minorities.   Princess Street; however; is 0.9 miles long and a very narrow street which follows a one way traffic system with shops and boutiques on both sides. These include banks, small supermarkets, high class clothing retailers, art galleries etc..

One inequality which is immediately obvious on Princess Street is the competition for space between the road traffic and the pedestrians. Very narrow pavements make it nearly impossible for people in wheelchairs or pushchairs to negotiate them and yet there is parking on both sides of the streets for cars etc because the street is used mainly as a destination for shoppers in the area, which is in contrast to City Road being a conduit for traffic through Cardiff hence the red tarmac and blue bollards being an attempt...