W100 13J TMA01 2013
Good academic practice ensures an individual not previously familiar with a persons work can read and understand it and be able to tell the difference between a persons thoughts and the thoughts of others, it ensures that a good level of knowledge from an individuals studies has been achieved
Word count: 50
  A. Referencing is important as it enables the reader to establish the validity of the evidence an individual is relying on, it allows the reader to quickly access and pinpoint the material also allowing the reader to see an individual has taken opinion of others into account.
  B. When a number of extracts are relied upon within an individuals work, it also allows the reader to distinguish between a statute law and a case law, a statute law will refer to the title of an act and a case law will refer to full citation of that particular case.
Word count: 100
A student should always be able to demonstrate a good level of understanding for each module completed, it is good academic practice to be able to read and interpret study material, be able to effectively take notes and to be able to use referencing material to help

and support opinions, when using reference points a student should be able to clearly demonstrate these by using citations,
Good academic practice also enables your tutor to establish your level of understanding within each module, it also allows a student to see how well their are progressing through their studies
Plagiarism should be avoided at all cost’s this means that reading a paragraph of text and just altering a couple of words is unacceptable as is just copying and pasting text, a student must demonstrate a clear understanding of the material they are relying on, students must not copy each others work or download work from the internet this is classed as plagiarism or cheating, if a student relies on the opinions of other for their work this should be clearly referenced, Plagiarism can...