TMA 01
Drawing upon what you have learned about city road, outline how differences are made and remade on a street which you know.

The street I have chosen is Taff Street in Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff.
Taff Street is a busy street which consists of commercial properties

Drawing On What You Have Learned About City Road, Outline Some Of The Inequalities On a Street That You Know
Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you Know

  Using what I have learned in my study materials, I will compare Green

Lanes to City Road, Cardiff for either their similarities or differences relating to

Inequalities. Green Lanes is rich in the multicultural area and is home to many

diverse communities and retail businesses similar to City Road.

  One of the visible inequality on Green Lanes is the traffic infrastructure. It’s

a constant tension and imbalance of social order to meet the needs of both

motorists and pedestrians. The numerous controlled crossings, although help

pedestrians access their destination, in turn has an adverse effect for

motorists accumulating traffic and increases social disorder between motorists

and pedestrians as they fight for space among the road.

  Contrasting in comparison is that City Road has developed a better

infrastructure for meeting the demands of both the
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motorists and pedestrians

within the community. The most visible being the traffic islands; “the purpose

of that is to make it easier for people to cross the road” (Rodney Burman,

Material Lives, 2009, Scene 1). Rodney also explains how there are plenty of

crossing points for pedestrians but that too many controlled crossings impact

on traffic.

  Green Lanes is one of the longest roads in the capital. You can find a wide

range of...