Tma 2

Look carefully at plate 1.3.24 Cezanne’s jug and fruit (1885-87) and plate 1.3.30, Zurbaran’s still life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (1633).

In no more than 500 words, outline what you think are the main differences between them.

Speaking from a personal perspective (1) the two paintings are very different.(full stop) Cezanne’s - Cézanne’s work appears to be very rustic and natural while Zurbaran’s - Zubarán’s (2) appears very precise and staged. (3)

Looking more closely at the two paintings you start to see the technical differences. Cezanne has chosen to use broad expressive   multi directional brush strokes known as patiently (4), you can clearly see the brush strokes without having to closely inspect the painting, this gives an overall effect of the painting being very rustic looking .On the other hand Zurbaran has used neater finer brushstrokes known as liner (4), this gives the painting a cleaner crisper finish, you have to inspect the painting very closely to see the brush strokes. This gives the painting a much cleaner, crisper neater look than Cezanne’s (5).

In looking closer at the paintings we can see that Cezanne has used a narrow tonal range witch which is created when the difference between light and dark are minimal giving a less dramatic effect, h. He has also used a smaller colour palate this which gives the painting a cool, calm natural appreance appearance adding to the rusticness of the painting. Zurbaran on the other hand has used a much wider tonal range , by doing this he has created a much more dramatic and dynamic look to his painting the contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of the painting give a very dramatic overall affect , the light source also helps with this affect. The fruit is starkly lit producing deep shadows whereas Cezanne’s whole painting is a lot lighter there are fewer deep shadows producing a less dramatic affect. (6)

If we look at the overall   composition of the two paintings   we notice that...