K101 Tma O2

Testing the visibility of your tutor’s comments

At the end of your marked eTMA 01 your tutor left two messages; the first in a comment box and the second using tracked changes. To confirm to your tutor that you can see comments of both kinds, please type the messages below. Also please type the last 3 words written by your tutor on the TMA Form (PT3e).

|Message 1, Comment box:                     |This is a thoughtful discussion but Iit would have been useful to further   |
|                                           |explore the interdependence between yourself and Martin.                   |
|Message 2, Tracked changes:                 |Not sure what to look for here ‘comment d8 it is’                           |
|TMA form, last three words:                 |Best wishes, Denise                                                         |

Part A: Essay

Option Number: One
Title: Care in the community.
Healthcare in the last 50 years has changed dramatically, enough so, that health care in its majority has been moved from the hospitals to the community. In recent years more change has been suggested and put into practice by the publishing of white papers from the Department of Health and other organizations working in collaboration with the government on healthcare. The change in the way diabetes care is delivered in the last half century is a good case to follow as it is a fantastic example to portray the broader changes in healthcare overall.

Until recently most healthcare for long term illness has been provided in hospitals under a hierarchical system where the consultants/doctors were in charge of the team and nothing could be done without the direct say so of the doctor. Now however the situation has changed, doctors/consultants are now part of a bigger team.

        The reality is that if I’m putting people on to insulin, despite the fact that I’m a professor of diabetes, I know that I can’t manage to do that. I liaise carefully with my diabetes...