Tma 2

    • Put name, PI number, course and essay number on each page
    • Write essay question at the top of first page.
    • Use header and footers
    • Number pages
    • Do not forget self reflection
    • Try to keep within the word count.
    • Do not forget references at end of essay.
Introduction: Paragraph 1
    • What is rubbish?
    • Meaning of the word value.
    • Brief description of consumer society.
    • Introduce key words from question.
    • Prepare for main body of essay.   Link all paragraphs, should run smoothly.
Main Body:
Paragraph 2 – affluence and consumption
    • Consumer society is made by what people have not what people do (this is how they identify themselves).   No longer live in an Industrial society.
    • Describe Bauman concepts - the seduced and the repressed – social exclusion.
    • Link next paragraph.

Paragraph 3 – Economic value – waste services
    • What is economic value?
    • Who makes money out of rubbish
    • Ref WRAP (page 106).
    • Where does this rubbish/waste go?
    • What effect does it have on the environment?
Paragraph 4 – aesthetic value.
    • Objects lose value and can regain with time.
    • Outline Thompson theory – transient, rubbish and durable.
    • Use graph (chapter 3 page 123) & Stevengraphs (pages 124/25) as evidence.
    • Link next paragraph.
Conclusion: Paragraph 5
    • Outline what has been discussed in the essay.
    • Finish conclusion linking question.

Outline the ways in which rubbish can be said to have value in a consumer society.
Social Scientists focus their studies on society and the way in which people live.   This is known as a Consumer Society.   A society in which people often buy new goods, goods they tend not to need.   Rubbish plays a big part in a consumer society, a society driven by the power of consumption.   Consumption is defined by how and what people purchase, how they use them and how they are then disposed of.   Rubbish is...