Tma 2 of E105

E105 Statement of consideration

I confirm that I am currently meeting the pre-requisites for E105 as set out in the pre-registration information for students and have a valid agreement with confirmer forms.

I confirm that I have followed the correct ethical guidelines and standards within the Tma 02. Also I’ve complied with all the legal requirements that are expected because I work with children.

    ➢ For this assignment I have only used an agreement with confirmer form, which has been completed by a fully

Qualified teacher in my setting.

    ➢ I have changed names of children and members of staff and the setting name to maintain confidentially and respect from the staff and pupils that have helped.

          My professional practice: where am I now?

Task 1

I am currently working as a learner’s support assistant with children aged 5-8 years mainly, it’s my responsibility to work independently with small groups of children to work on their weaknesses, and this is my job to strengthen. They are receiving 1:1 which benefits them. The setting I work at is called Alleyn Court Preparatory school, it’s an independent   school and the children range from 2 and a half to 11 years. This particular school does follow the national curriculum, this is likely to change in the near future by the government. In our course subject’s maths and English the school follow the new revised curriculum framework, being a private school we are allowed to steer from the national curriculum if it helps the children’s development. For our phonics we follow the letter and sound framework.

                    Task 2 (self- assessment)

Pp6 – leadership and change:

Use reflection on theory and practice to Improve practice, and that of others, and to promote and implement innovation and change in current practice and the wider community.

For this learning outcome I rated my practice as 3...