E105 Tma02

I confirm that I am currently meeting the pre-requisites for E105 as set out in the pre registration information for students and have a valid Agreement with Confirmer Form.
For this TMA I have only used material drawn from the setting identified on my employer Permission Agreement Form.
In this TMA I have adhered to the E105 ethical guidance by:
• Receiving permission from my manager to discuss the setting, staff and pupils in a confidential manner.
• Not naming or changing the names of any individuals in such a way that maintains confidentiality.

TMA02 My professional practice: Where am I now?
My Role
The setting in which I work is a large infant and nursery school which currently has 221 pupils on roll. We have 32% of pupils on the Special Needs Register   with 6% of pupils with a Statement of Educational Needs (SEN) and 37% of pupils qualify for Pupil Premium.
I am employed as a Senior Teaching Assistant in one of the reception classes. I am a key worker for 7 children in the class and am responsible for observing, collecting evidence and assessing these children. I assist the teacher in planning activities and lessons and am responsible for setting up and preparing for them as well as other general classroom responsibilities. As I am based in early years the curriculum I follow is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), DFE 2012.

Self Assessment
I have completed self assessment profile A and assessed myself on all seven learning outcomes.
PP6 Leadership and Change
I rated myself 3 (a reasonable amount of experience, confidence and skills) for this learning outcome. I feel I am able to reflect on theory and practice and take on board ideas from other professionals to improve my own practice but am not as confident in leading others, outside of my immediate setting in implementing change.
My role as teaching assistant means I work alongside the teacher who, as unit leader, takes responsibility but I feel we work as equals in most areas and...