E105 Tma 02

My Professional Practice: Where am I now?

Ethical statement
In this TMA all names have been changed and initials have been used to protect identity. The setting, children and parent have given their consent for me to carry out activities and observe their child. I am aware of the principles of confidentiality and all information collected is confidential. Participants were
told that they could withdraw at any time.

Section 1
I currently work as a nursery nurse in a private day care nursery with children aged between 6months to 4 years. I started of working in the baby room where I particularly gained a lot of knowledge – helping change, feed and stimulate the babies and supervising sleep times.   After working for 6 months in the baby I was approached by my manager to become head of baby room, although I was a little nervous I accepted and now am head of the baby room in my setting.

My role is to plan activities, observe children, and make sure there is a clean and safe environment for the children in my care. On a day-to-day basis I engage with parents and colleagues. I also manage the daily planning, observations and folder work for each child.   My setting provides a warm and welcoming environment with a team who are always there to help.

Section 4
My current level of experience for PP6- Leadership and change would be a rating of 2- a little experience, confidence and skills. Although I am taking out a leader role being the head of the baby room and I get on well with everyone at my setting including parents and carers I still am reluctant at telling people what to do as this may cause conflict or confrontation. Sometimes I find it hard to make decisions and don’t have the confidence or courage to put my ideas in front in   case they are criticised. I would like to have the ability to make changes in my setting and have the confidence to implement my ideas to help improve the quality of provision in my setting....