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The Idea of Social Justice

Social Justice can come in many forms, but I think it is mainly a way of treating everybody fairly, and equally. The idea is to keep everybody safe from social harm, out of severe poverty, and away from being discriminated against. Everybody should have the right to be treated exactly the same, despite age, gender, race or income. It is a forever changing concept to demand your right to equal justice depending on what is going on in the world at the time. Equal is the key and most important word.

It has taken many centuries for this notion to be attained in the past not everybody had equal rights. A feminist scholar, Marian Young made a good point saying social justice is not about materialistic things. This evidence is not quantative, or visual, yet she has hit on a fair point, in order to obtain equality not only do we have to help each other to help ourselves, and focus on what we as individuals can achieve, we have to look at the bigger picture, not what we can buy or afford we need to better ourselves, and the government can make that more achievable.

Recognition is also extremely important, for if you are not recognised how can you ever be treated fairly? Some voices are heard, whilst others dismissed, someone rich famous and influential is more likely to heard than the common man. Nancy Frazer introduced ideas of being treated fairly, and also argues that this also has to be considered alongside redistribution. She agrees with Young on its not all about how much money you can get, or how much access to resources you can have, but its whether people are recognised to be equal, and treated with equal dignity and respect, I agree after all we are all human beings no one is better than anyone else in my eyes.

The government show the way by putting down anti discrimination laws, and also by creating equal opportunity programs, by showing the rest of us that it is a good idea to follow their lead.

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