Tma 1

Natalie Macqueen C3114383 DD101 TMA 1

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline some of the inequalities on a street which you know.

  The aim of this essay is to highlight the inequalities of a street in my hometown. This essay should demonstrate the social and cultural differences that can be seen in modern day society, drawing on what I have learned about City Road from the learning materials and my study of the street which I know. During my studies, I have found there to be many similarities, both socially and culturally on my street as are on City Road. We hear how these similarities exist in (‘Making Social Lives on City Road’, 2009, scene 1) not only on these two streets but nationally and no doubt globally.

  On my street in Plymouth there are small businesses surviving alongside larger, although lower priced, supermarkets, Lidl and Aldi. These are budget stores that cater for the less wealthy people in the community surrounding my street. The area is run down and generally the housing is poor, inexpensive. This attracts people on lower incomes, so the need for cut priced stores is needed, supply on demand. The supermarkets service the lower paid community and their presence in the community is felt, yet the small shops along my street are still thriving. We see the same on City Road in Cardiff, where the Newsagent, whose business was established by his father and was passed on to him many years earlier, is still trading although larger stores have come into City Road. He states when questioned about the effects of the ‘big boys moving in’, for example Spar and Tesco stores, that although some smaller shops were affected, his business has managed to remain buoyant however a similar business had been forced out of business due to the competition introduced by the supermarkets. This is highlighted in (‘Making Social Lives on City Road’, 2009, scene 3). What we have...