Tma 01

Lisa Sharrock. PI:c6301724. TMA:01

Drawing on what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline how some benefit and others lose on a street that you know.

    Comparing and contrasting between ideas is part of critical our critical thinking. Everyday we use this by choosing the streets we use, shops we buy from people we interact with. Each with it’s own special story behind each thing in some way connecting everyone and everything together in it’s   surrounding environment.
    City Road is the busiest street in Cardiff, it has changed over the years. 200 years ago it started as a dirt road now it consists of shops, takeaways and restaurants. The street I’m going to compare is called Darlington Street; It isn’t the busiest of streets. It’s long with many side streets coming from it. In the sixties there used to be a huge iron railway bridge which ran across the lower junction, no longer it remains now Darlington Street consists of many houses, shops and pubs with junctions at either end controlled by traffic lights. Unlike on Darlington street , City Road has   five roads which join together which is controlled by traffic lights. If anything happens to the electricity circuit then someone has to find the problem and fix it which connects the street and surrounding area. The sewers, water supply plus many others, taken for granted because they run underground. The junction which joins together is named by locals Death Junction. Its name originates from the old city gallows not simply because of the junction.
    City Road has a verity of languages on their signage. The signs and buildings look worn and decaying as do the signs on Darlington Street, no additional language’s   are   used , people may feel discriminated against because of this.
    The shops   on City Road are a verity   from difficult cultures and ethnicities to suit everyone’s needs from Xquisite   Africa, an African lady who wants to cater for a certain...