Tma 01

Business environments
under the microscope

February 2013

B201 – TMA01

Submitted by: Rebecca Stother
Tutor: Geoff Lee

Contents Page

1. Q1 - My experience of business environments and organisations   3 - 4

2. Q2 - Business environments systems thinking – personal and
    professional goals 5 - 6

3. Q3 - Information as a powerful tool 7

4. Word Count 7
Q1 - My experience of business environments and organisations
Whilst being a contractor for 8 years I was able to experience various different businesses in many different fields from various perspectives due to my different job roles within these organisations.   I was able to observe that all businesses are very complex and diverse no matter what size or market they operate in due to the many connections and transactions that take place for the organisation to operate.
I am currently a Purchasing Materials Controller at Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd a manufacturer of Electron & Ion Beam Microscopes selling to a wide variety of life science and material analysis customers.   I interact daily with a large variety of internal and external stakeholders on an individual-to-individual and business-to-business level basis.   Interactions with suppliers, customers, colleagues etc, are all very diverse and complex due being in different locations throughout the world, language barriers, time zones, cultures, legislation etc.   Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd is a complex organisation as it has approximately 75 members of staff at the Cambridge, UK branch working in various functions such as R&D, Engineering, Finance, Product Support, Production, Spares and Service, Quality, Purchasing and Logistics.     Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd is part of the Carl Zeiss Group, a globally leading group of companies in the optical and opto-electronic industry which has approximately 24,000 employees worldwide, with 30 production sites and over 50 sales and service sites in over 30...