Time Management

There are many topics in the world which I can say are interesting to me; however the one I am the most passionate about is, Time Management in the Work Place.   In my current position, I supervise somewhat sometime and lead several employees most of the time.   When I say somewhat I supervise them, but get none of the credit.   The one question I get asks the most is “How do I manage to keep my team on task and get the task completed on time?”   Until now my answer has been teamwork.     However, I thinking now it could be something else.   It could be the relaxing environment or the awards given to the department, but I like to think it has something to do with my time skills that make us shine.     My goal in this assignment is to prove that given the right tools and proper motivation anyone can accomplish a task given to them, either on or before a deadline is due.  
Throughout this discussion, I will look a several different aspects of time management.   First, I will discuss the impact an individual’s family plays in teaching us time management skills from the time management skills from the time we are young until we venture out into the workforce and begin to have families of our own.   Second, I will discuss the issue of procrastination and why we procrastinate,   Finally, I will look at a   few different time management strategies and discuss what has worked well, and not so well in the past.  
Time management is an important part of our everyday lives but it is the one skill we all tend to utilize the least.   According to an article in Investor’s Business Daily, by Moron Settner, “The best time managers know the time, all the time.   They rarely check their watch and say, ‘It’s so late! What happen to the last few hours’?”   Most adults base decision making on the type of family we have or want to have.   Many of our time management skills are taught by our parents and closest family members.   As a child I remember my mother always say to my little sister that...