Time Management

Successful Time Management

Time: a key resource – opportunities and difficulties
Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life

Time is a hard taskmaster. Everyone occasionally experiences problems getting everything done, and doing it all in the time available. For some, such problems seem perpetually to exist to one degree or another; others will admit to having moments when things seem to conspire to prevent work going as planned, and a few to living in a state of permanent chaos.

Making it work
You can make a difference and such as difference cannot only be worthwhile, it can have a radical effect on both job and career. Make no mistake: the effect of getting to grips with time management can be considerable and varied. It can:-
 Affect your efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. This alone makes your attitude to time management very important, for it affects your work day by day, hour by hour, all the time.
 Condition the pressure that goes with any job.
 Create greater positive visibility. Time management is something that will influence how you are perceived by others within the organization. Good time management is an overriding factor that can differentiate people of otherwise equal talent and ability, making it more likely that some will succeed better in career terms than others.

Thus, although it may take some time, getting to grips with your own personal system of time management is immensely important. Time management must be seen as synonymous with self-management; it demands discipline, but discipline reinforces by habit. Good habits help to ensure a well-organized approach to the way you plan and execute your work. And the changing of habits is something that may well be as necessary result of any review of how you work.

Making time management work for you is based on two key factors:-
 How you plan your time
 How you implement the details of what you do
The first of these,...