Time Management

Time Management
Tina Cullors
Axia University of Phoenix

Time Management
      Time is on our side. We have heard this statement throughout our lives. We all know that in the new fast-paced society that we live in, this statement is not always true. Time keeps ticking away and those who manage their time, whether in their personal life or in professional life, will prove to be more successful.
      We all would be better served if we could learn to prioritize. Every one of us needs to have priorities in our lives. Without them, our lives would turn into a chaotic and dysfunctional state of confusion. The common thread of falling short on our priorities, we believe, is the mismanagement of time. (Lisoski, 2003)
      Herein lies what has been created from our priorities - the goal. They are here and now. From the time we awake, we must establish our daily goals. It could be as simple as getting to work or spending time with our families. The daily goals become our foundation for structuring our mid-range goals. How many times throughout the day do we assess what needs to be done to accomplish our midrange goals? Getting that paper done for your Learning Skills Class, which leads us to the under graduate degree that we strive for to gain independence, to working on the latest weight loss program that will cure ourselves from improper eating habits. Whatever we choose or decide, we must have the goal in mind.
      As former C.E.O. of General Electric, Jack Welch once said, "Keep your eye on the goal." We interpret this as staying true to what we feel and doing the right thing. This enables us to achieve our long-term goals. It is in managing our short and mid-term goals that enable us to achieve what we all would like to do in our lives, be it our professional lives or our family lives. As we reach these goals, we constantly reevaluate and rearrange our goals to fit our needs. (Lisoski, 2003)
      Timing is everything. Planning is crucial. We need to know...