Time Management Research

Time Management Research Strategy Paper
Time management refers to the range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals (web dictionary). Time management is very important in people’s everyday lives, whether it be business or personal. Utilizing time in a more efficient way allows for more accomplishments to be achieved at an even pace (Evans 2009).   Time management is a huge component when it comes to having control over your own life. While many people, including myself, feel they have time to complete their goals, time management is very valid in accomplishing goals in a realistic time frame. There are, in fact, tools that can help enhance time management skills.
Although different people march to a different beat, there are quite a few different tools that are designed to accommodate the different types of people and their specific needs. Various tools have been developed to improve time management skills. One particular tool often used is a daily planner or an electronic organizer. This tool helps a person prioritize their tasks which minimizes an ongoing to-do list.   This is for a person that just needs constant reminders to complete a task and helps to set deadlines and actually meet them.   Most use calendars to note important appointments, which is a great start to creating a management plan (Evans 2009).
Another tool often used is the internet. There are various authors whom have written articles and developed workshops for this specific need. A very useful website is www.life123.com .   There is an article within that site called “What is the Definition of Time Management” that is very informative. It breaks down the different components of time management such as setting goals, overcoming procrastination, stress management, etc. just to name a few. When it comes to setting goals, it is outlined into three outlooks which are: vision, values, and develop a mission statement (Jussila...