Time Management

Time Management
It is said that time and tide wait for none. It is more suitable today than any other period. Today, we live a life that is full of varieties of activities. Whether a business man or a student, whether a housewife or a servant everybody complains that he is busy. It looks as if we all are suffering from, ‘time poverty.’ We need time management for doing all the activities of our life properly and efficiently.(ftgtoHtbt he;tu) Because of this, we need to learn time management.
It is necessary for all of us to manage time well. We do many activities in a day. All these activities should be done at the right time. We have to do many things like completing daily chores, (Diltef ftgto) studying or doing business, following a hobby, keeping in touch with friends and relatives. This is difficult but not impossible.
We can manage time well if we plan. Planning is not difficult. First, we should decide how much time we have. We should also think about the time that we have. We should also keep in mind which tasks (ftgto) are more important. We should also know how much time will be required for every task. Once we plan, we should stick to ( JtGdte hnuJtwk) that plan.
Learning the art of time management is not difficult. We can master it by practice. In planning, we can take help of many things like calendar, dairy, PDA or even a mobile phone. We can also take guidance from the books related to time management. Special seminars for developing time management skills are also organized. We can take help from these seminars, too.
Time which is lost is lost for ever. We cannot bring back the time that is gone so we must develop the skill of time management. Time management will help us achieve our goal.