Three Good Careers That We May Get in Jombang

Three Good Careers that We May Get in Jombang
In my opinion, three good careers in Jombang are teachers, bankers, and employees of an industrial / factory.
Working as a teacher, is one of the most interest that currently exists in Jombang. In Jombang school teachers, full with the number of students who want to become teachers, including me. If we want to succeed as a teacher, we must be patient, persevering and tenacious. Because, if we only have a part time teachers, our lives can not be prosperous. Moreover, the courses I am taking English. In addition to teaching as a teacher at the school, we can teach at tutoring / set up tutoring. Because now, there are some schools elementary until senior high school. Incentives to improve communication school students in bilingual classes (using Indonesia and English language). For example, each lesson is required to use a bilingual language, the teacher and the student should be able to communicate in English. For teachers who have not been able to speak English that well, then it is likely that the teacher is looking for someone to master the English language tutoring. Students were also so, parents want their children to speak English, so parents will find a place for tutoring in English, as well as search tutor for their children. Being a teacher is one of the promising works, although not easy. And if we have a place to teach or tutoring place, it is also a good job and promised if we persevere.
The second is to work on large and small banks (BRI, Mandiri bank, BNI bank, or credit unions, etc.). Although a graduate of the English language is not in their field, but also works at the bank of the chances in Jombang, armed with S1 then we got the job a little easier though many rivals. In the bank we can work as customer service or the other. There are some banks that do not require employees or management accounting graduates. However, S1 graduate English language acceptable to employees. Working in a savings and...