Higher Education, Is It Beneficial for Starting a Career?


Higher Education, Is It Beneficial For Starting A Career?
John Doe
University of Phoenix

Higher Education, Is It Beneficial For Starting A Career?
      Higher education is centuries old, the philosophy of starting a new career or advancing a current career has developed into a formalized practice of obtaining higher education first, and I have experienced such practices, such as pursing a Bachelors Degree at the University of Phoenix. Behind each student’s education process, regardless of formality, I have learned that higher education plays different reasons for learning, and student’s readiness to pursue certain career fields such as office manager or accountant. In order to start a new career in today’s job market, all college students should consider and purse Master’s Degrees to increase their odds of obtaining a good career, benefits, and salary compensation.
      To Master or Not to Master, That is the Question?
      In the last few years, a number of college educated people outside of the mainstream high school education have become more visible, even more desired by employers seeking well qualified candidates to fill job positions. These include college credited Certificates, Associate Degrees, and Bachelor's Degrees. As one would expect, institutions such as Heald College have aimed it services to portray these life styles of success in order to help individuals obtain a job. However, in today’s weakened economy, and the ever increasing layoffs, the job market has become much more difficult to obtain or qualify to fill job positions with or without a college degree. To shed some light on these hard times, Universities such as National University and University of Phoenix are putting their efforts into helping students become more desirable by offering advanced degrees with a wide range of skills such as business or finance which will help graduates stand out among the...