Definition of a Good Speech

Carlos M. Albuja Jijón
11th grade “B”
The Definition of a Good Speech

I don´t get why people like to give speeches: there´s nothing fun about doing them.   To think you must first feel the anxiety weeks before the speech doesn´t seem worth it.   You know I still remember the long hours of holding a pen over an unwritten white paper (while I waited while my computer was turning on), not having any idea what to talk about.   I remember the anguish I had to go through in order to write the speech for my book´s publishing ceremony.   Besides the anxiety of not knowing what the heck to say to a bunch of people who might even not listen to you in the first place, there is always the nervousness that doesn´t let you even sleep.  

It really is awful the weeks before the speech.   I remember those horrible times when I just could not sleep thinking what would happen if something went wrong. There was once when an older cousin had to give a speech in his school, and he came and said to me, “Oh Charlie it is so hard to give a speech, I just can´t sleep wondering what to talk about, and thinking what will happen if I screw up!?”   And then I said, “It will not matter.   People will forget about your speech in a day or two.”   I knew that was not the answer he was looking for when he said, “Oh my God! You are saying people don´t care about my speech?” “No that is not true,” I answered, “I am sure they do care about your speech”.   Finally he said, “In that case, what if I screw up, dude!?”   This story happened to me before knew I was ever going to give a speech.   Days before my speech I actually couldn´t sleep because of the same reasons.   The pre-speech´s anxiety makes people stupid.

A good speech is not too long (to the point of boring the audience) and not too short (to the point of making the audience wonder why it was so short).   I once went to the publication of the book of one of my grandpa´s dearest friends.   He was always a really elegant...