This Is Bs

Ad Hominem
Dan: I have no idea what ToK is.
Me: Of course you wouldn’t, you’re dumb.
Dan: What does that have to do with anything?
Me: ToK is an IB course, and since you’re not smart enough to get into IB you wouldn’t know what it is.
Justin: I like French people!
Kevin: What are you talking about? No one likes the French.
Jack: Yeah man nobody likes the French.
Justin: You’re right; I don’t like French people either.
Straw Man
Amy: I like Google; it’s a very nice search engine, Google Chrome is a good browser, and Google even owns YouTube. Google really is all over the place.
John: Google is bad! If you keep using Google you’re just helping the company in taking over the Internet, and then world!
Amy: What are you talking about?
Hasty Generalization
Mike: I saw a Latino walking down the sidewalk towards me, so I crossed the street to avoid him. I thought he was going to jump me!
Jan: How did you come up with that?!
Mike: Well you see it in movies right? The thugs and bad guys are always Latino.
Red Herring
Scott: I love bread; it’s so good and healthy. It does nothing bad to you!
Ramona: Bread is made by communists, and will turn you into one.
Scott: Eating bread makes me a communist?!?!

Appeal to Fear
Jonah: I hate Germany.
Kyle: If you hate Germany then Nazi Zombies will rise and hunt you down.
Jonah: No…!!
Post Hoc
The last few people I poked got mad at me. Therefore, poking makes people mad.
Slippery Slope
You need to stop being on Facebook so much; eventually you’ll become a real-life stalker.
Appeal to Tradition
Wars have been going on since the beginning of civilization. Therefore, it’s actually OK to have wars!