Oppressive Government Is Better Than No Government

Oppressive government vs. No government
Resolved: Oppressive government is better than no government.
Definition of terms: No government: a place without laws and without a governing system set up in the society. Oppressive: cruel or hard to bear. Anarchy: society without a ruler. Government: the system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed
In the real world, people need laws and rules to live by. Without a government, it would be chaotic. People can’t handle too much freedom. While people have common sense, it’s rarely used. If we are seeing shootings, homicides, here with a democracy, how are we so sure we won’t see more of it not three times worse crime than what we are experiencing without a government. An oppressive government can enforce the law while no government cannot. While it might be a cruel and harsh government, it can protect its citizens. An oppressive government can restrict the freedom of a person’s movement, but if one follows as they are told, and obey, they are almost guaranteed security and safety from each other. No government also means no military. Who’s there to protect you? How would you fend yourselves against other countries? How do you protect yourself from another 9/11 happening? How are you going to be ensured security, because if you really take a look, it’s the oppressive governments that usually have the tightest security and military forces. No matter how oppressive the government might be it still has laws and rules that keep people in check, and consequences for breaking such laws. This keeps a person safe and sound. With anarchy there is no protection. In many areas where anarchy has reigned or is reigning people must hire gaurs to make sure their things aren’t stolen, neither they nor their children are harmed. I’d rather have the ultra-strong protection and oppression than have to fend for myself on every little thing because there’s no repercussion for law breakers. With an oppressive...