Process Reflection
This piece represents two things that I have wanted to write about for a while. One was Amanda, and the other was my changing over time. I also got a chance to use a sort of reverse chronology that I was really looking forward to using, in that I remembered things farther into the past as the story continues. When you told us to go and walk around writing things down, I thought to myself ‘who would actually do that...’ I did that. I wanted to go back to Astoria Park for a while after what happened, but I never had an excuse to. Originally, the title of this piece was going to be “Hell’s Gate” because one of the brides is called the Hell’s Gate Bridge, and it seemed fitting for the topic of changing. As the story developed though, I decided that “Save Us” was a better title since near the end it reminded me of The Catcher in the Rye, and since I started to gravitate more towards Amanda then myself. Somehow, every assignment I get I do the next one instead. For example before this place assignment, I wrote an essay on driving past places that I wondered about. And now the next assignment is to write about someone else. One other thing that seemed to emerge as the essay progressed was that I ended up using those scallions as a metaphor. The time she said that line always stuck in my mind for all this time, and just now from writing this essay I made the connection. I don’t want to sound like the typical example of BS that you give when you explain the process reflection, but I really got something out of writing this.