Kudler Fine Foods Bs Paper

E-Commerce of Kudler Fine Foods
BSA 310
September, 32,   2020

In 1998, Kathy Kudler’s food frustration and initiative to become an entrepreneur, Kudler Fine Foods was born.   With a increasing customer base, Kudler Fine Foods is implementing a frequent shopper program that should strengthen the online commerce.   This new program will need strong security, legal, and financial consideration for the Frequent Shopper Program to function properly and help growth.

In order to give customers a Frequent Shopper Program, the customer will need to fill out an application that gives name, address, and phone number.   The personal information of the customer base will require Kudler to implement a strong secure site.   Using a complex algorithmic security setting for the site’s password and using an internet security software should keep this information secure.   McAfee “provides solutions and services across a heterogeneous world of connected devices to tackle the next generation of cybercriminal and cyber-terrorist threats.”

      Ethically, this strength of the Internet security gives customer’s conformability knowing their information is safe.   The legality of the Frequent Shopper Program shouldn’t see any problems with Kudler’s satisfaction policy which states “If you aren't satisfied that our products are among the best you have tasted, your purchase is free!” Financially, Kudler should increase in the sales from the Frequent Shopper Program.   The sales grow with the discounts given to dedicated customers.   This revenue from the E-commerce will round the company’s growth for future interests from the Internet cliental.

      Finally, as the company moves towards an Internet based shopping experience, the new Program will increase revenue.   As long as the company keeps the site secure and satisfies the customer’s needs, this program will pave the way for the future.

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