This I Believe

Bullied to Death Reflection
I understand that people have passed laws of bullying and how it is a crime but it does not mean people will just stop. Some people just like to pick on others insecurities because they have nothing better to do. Bullies also pick on kids because something is making their life miserable and they feel the need to make someone else’s life miserable to feel content.
I find it very heartbreaking that kids have come down to killing themselves because of teasing and taunting by others. I do not understand why they don’t ask for help. The pressure of being bullied is difficult enough but giving up something as big as your life is not worth it. . It does not make you weak or a coward asking for help.   They should learn to stand up for themselves and remember that so many people are dying without a choice and would give anything to be in their shoes, to be alive.
I also put some of blame on the friends and teachers of these teens because if they saw the bullying happening why didn’t they do anything. Why were they bystanders? Especially teachers, if they see bullying going on even if it is verbal they should do something about it, particularly when the abuse is consistent. However, friends are different from teachers; friends are supposed to be people you turn to when you cannot turn to anybody else. You tell them things that you could never say to anybody like your parents. They help   you and be always there for you no matter what. These so-called friends saw their friends being picked on, yet they did nothing. Only after the death, they said he was being bullied repeatedly. They did not tell the teachers or adults the vital information that the person had to die in the end.
Nevertheless, the worst of these people are the bullies themselves. Everyone has insecurities but these bullies never make you forget it. They make you sound like your committing a crime by being yourself. I will never understand what it is that people hate so much...