This I Believe in Music

Life is full of ups and downs.   Some may write to work through their challenges; others may talk to someone for support.   Growing up in Indianapolis, IN, I’ve faced many of my own battles, and found ways to make the world around me seem to disappear.   My escape, my support, my life revolves around music.   Ever since I was a little baby, music has been in my life and in my heart.   My grandmother would sing Hymnals to me, my parents always had a record playing, and if I needed to relax, Music was there to take me away.
I grew up in a home with drugs and alcohol for as long as I can remember.   I was young, and a lot of the times I didn’t realize it was wrong or different.   I just knew I loved hearing the music playing as I came home from school.   My Mother was a stay-at-home Mom, so her days consisted of housework, and when she did these things, she had her records playing.   When my Father would come home from a long, hard day of work, he would eat dinner that Mom had prepared for us, and then move to the Living Room where we had our radio and record player, and turn it up.   However, there were many days when Dad would come home and there would just be fighting instead.   Those were the days I would go to my bedroom and turn up my own music to escape the pain.  
There was a time when not only music was my lifesaver, but so was my music teacher.   When I started 3rd grade, I was in my 5th elementary school, but this time would be different.   We moved into a house that was directly next door to the school, and it was finally a permanent place for my family to stay.   I loved school, and loved music class even more.   The teacher became like a mother to me, and would take me on field trips and special camps.   Now that I look back, I know it’s because she knew of my family situation and took me in under her wings to protect me.   I was in as many musical things as I was allowed by the school system, including dance, choir and orchestra.   When it...