This I Believe

This I Believe Essay
I remember back to the very first day of middle school. Everyone was scared and looking around to see if they knew someone in their home room. When I looked around I realized no one in the class was from my elementary school. Back then I was really shy and didn’t speak a lot. This guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to be friends. I said yes of course.   We didn’t make many friends because we were both shy but we did know how to distinguish between the nice people.
When 8th grade came around we ended up in the same homeroom together. We had different classes throughout the day. We both made new friends instantly because we were both nice to other. Most of them still remember us from the very first time we said hello to them. Our group was continually growing in size by the end of middle school.
After middle school he moved away and we both started high school. The first day went by like every other one. No one was talking and everyone staring at each other. A couple weeks in and I started picking up on the atmosphere. I realized then high school was all about groups and clicks. Every group was mean to the other. So I thought to myself “why not be nice to everyone and see what happens”. I started being nice to everyone and they were nice back, well for the most part. Friends came and went. Some even stabbed me in the back but I forgave them because I’m not one to hold grudges. The years went on. Some of my closest friends from 7 years ago didn’t forget about me but we never hung out anymore. They never forgot who I was because I was so kind to them. Senior year came and everyone I grew up with started to get excited. Most people would say their senior year was the best, I would beg to differ. I stayed drama free till senior year. When the drama started, I got annoyed really easy and would snap every now and then. People started calling me a jerk. It got to me instantly and I changed back to myself again. I got rid of the people I knew that...