I Believe

I Believe in the Future

I believe in the future. After my Uncle died of a long, hard, and painful battle of brain cancer, I became more optimistic. Now I believe that one day, we will find the cure for cancer, and other deadly diseases. People with these diseases will regain hope. I believe the future will be better than today, no matter if it's in an hour later or 1 million years later.
When families with other family members who have cancer or other illnesses, the grief they go through, is almost unbearable. With all of the chemotherapy, surgery, and months in the hospital, it can take a toll on the family's relationship. My Uncle had a brain tumor for 6 months. He finally went through surgery, and they said he was tumor free. He would still have to go through chemo as he still battled cancer with the possibility of the brain tumor coming back. The doctor said that the likely hood of the tumor coming back was rare. Sadly enough, the tumor did come back, and after all of the pain he went through, he threw his hands up in the air and said I'm done. As you can imagine, this was extremely unexpected but totally understood. He died March 3rd, 2009.
With all of the technology we have now, our scientists will be able to provide better research and be that much closer to finding the cure. I want to devote my time finding the cure when i become older. I don;t want anybody elses family to have to go through what my family did. No matter how hard times may be, you just have to keep going on and push through it.
I feel as if when the cure is discovered, millions of lives will become better, and people will be given hope. No matter how far away you think the future is, remember that it might be only a few seconds away. This is why I believe in the future.