The Training of Bjj

A new beginning, So I lose all of my previous notes, due to a reformat of my computer, but never mind,   I will jus restart everything, and   focus on my new journey of bjj.
I just got promoted by my coach Sam Wee. Currently a blue belt in bjj, its officialy one year I have learn bjj, and to now, I never regretted ever taking it.
On September 24, 2010 – Triangle choke combo/combination
The combo
Armbar from guard > inverse triangle/triangle choke> triangle choke / omoplata > armbar

On September 25,2010
Defense against leglocks, and leglocks technique
When inside a leg locks, always tried to stand up or hold something part of the person, to stall or prevent the straightening of the legs
Ankle lock and toe hold

September 27,2010
A clock chokes from the back ( which u need to fall to the person head if the person is in the turtle position)
A twister chokes from side back control
November 12,2010 Friday no gi class

Tuesday November 23, 2010. Using the gi to choke, to sweep and get the back
  * Chicken over the fence choke =

Side control

Four types of side control hold
  1) hold the palm together and put it behind your opponent back(both hands)
  2) One hand on the person back (at the middle) the other on the cross side of the opponent face.
  3) One is to put the person head on the thigh of myself. When ever the person move, you just need to keep the person head on your thigh
  4) The four basis of movement (side control, scarf fold, 100 kilo side control, reverse side control, north south)
  5) When ever the person try to escape, rmb the movement of 4.

November 13,2010 sat gi and no gi variations

  1) Loop choke
2) Peruvian Necktie (gi variation)
3) Reverse half nelson choke
4) T choke

  2) No gi

5) Reverse half nelson roll with chin strap
6) Stocks neck crank