Training & Development


Survival in a changing environment requires organizations across all sectors to respond in a flexible manner to various technological, political and social changes. Any change in environment requires that a company should adapt itself as per the new requirements. Therefore, the workforce of an organization needs to acquire new knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the changing needs. And this is where Training and Development comes into play and plays a crucial role in the growth of a Company.

Companies for long had not given too much importance to training and development. This lead to a gap between the talent required and the workforce available. But with increasing technological changes, managers are realizing the significance of training.


Training is a planned and systematic effort to enhance the skills, knowledge, abilities of trainees by a learning experience. The purpose of training is to help an individual gain the required knowledge to improve his efficiency and performance. The concept of training needs to be differentiated from learning, education and development. Learning is the actual process of acquiring these skills. Education is a similar process but it has a broader view as compared to learning. Education is different from training in the sense that education focuses more on the person whereas training is oriented towards the job. Another distinction regarding training and education is in respect of increasing or reducing individual differences. Training aims at creating a degree of uniformity with respect to the skills required for the job whereas education aims at creating an individual identity and enhancing behaviours that are unique to an individual. Another difference is in the context of subject matter of training and education. Education focuses on theoretical concepts. On the other hand, training enhances the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to...