The Three Branches of Our Government

The executive Branch of the United States of America is the highest executive of our country.   The executive Branch consists of the Executive Office of the President.   There are four main areas of the Executive Office of the President and they include; (1) Office of Management and Budget; (2) Office of the Director of National Intelligence; (3) Office of the United States Trade Representative; (4) The White House. (

There are several agencies that are in the Executive Branch and each one has several smaller agencies to handle the various types of departments in the bigger agency, they include; (a) Department of Agriculture; (b) Department of Commerce; (c) Department of Defense; (d) Department of Education; (e) Department of Energy; (f) Department of Health and human Services; (g) Department of Homeland Security; (h) Department of Housing and Urban Development; (i) Department of the Interior; (j) Department of the Justice; (k) Department of Labor; (l) Department of State; (m) Department of Transportation; (n) Department of the Treasury; (o) Department of Veterans Affairs.   Besides these agencies there are a lot off smaller agencies that are independent but are under the Executive Branch.

The heads of each one of the larger agencies are the ones who make up the President’s Cabinet.   None of the Cabinet members can hold a seat in Congress, whether it is in the Senate or the House or even sitting in the chair of the governor of any state.   They must resign that elected position before they can actively be in the Cabinet.
The President chooses who he wants to sit in his Cabinet and nominates him or her to the United States Senate who must approve the choice of the President.   All the Cabinet members, with the exception of the Attorney General, are called “Secretary.” (   The Secretary of State is in the fourth position under the President and is the highest ranking...