Us Constitution

In this paper I will read the 1787 Constitution and pick at least three interesting facts that I did not know about the Constitution of the United States. The facts will be contained in the Constitution. I will list and summarize/explain these facts. I will also Pick one founding father and give a brief summary of his biography. I will discuss the role he played at the constitutional convention of 1787.

Explore the US Constitution Assignment

        I had always known that we had three branches of government but as to why, how and who said we did, I did not know. I will start my paper at where the constitution started, Article 1 Section 1 “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” where our Founding Fathers created a three-branch system of government. They created the executive, legislative, and judicial branches where each branch is checking each other’s actions, with the legislator giving the people representation. Article 1 Section 1, in a small, simple paragraph, describes how this Legislator is broken down into two separate branches, or as it is known, a bicameral legislature. So, our brilliant Founding Fathers gave us the roadmap for a bicameral legislator, the House and the Senate. Since the House contained more representatives per populace of their state, their job is to listen to the people’s needs and desires. The Senates job is to make sure the House does not reach too far, and cut them back if needed.
    James Madison, Known as the father of our Constitution, the oldest of 10 children, born in 1751, and in 1780 was chosen to represent Virginia in the Continental Congress (1780-83 and 1786-88). Although originally the youngest delegate, he played a major role in the deliberations of that body. He thought it of great importance to review all past republics that failed, in order not to repeat their mistakes, and also, to have...