The Power of the Executive Branch and the Operation of the Presidency


This paper contains my opinion over whether or not the U.S. executive branch is too powerful, and my opinion on whether or not I like how the presidency is being operated or if I think it should be rethought. While conducting research over these topics, it was brought to my attention how truly uneducated I am about the current government situations and what’s happening in our country. It was difficult for me to form an informed opinion over the subject, and while I did my best with the knowledge I have, I’ve realized that I need to be better informed over the happenings of our government and our President. As of now, I don’t believe our executive branch is too powerful or that the presidency needs to be rethought, but that may very well change over time.

When asked to describe the role of the executive branch of our government, one would say that it has the responsibility of enforcing the laws passed by Congress. But is our executive branch doing more than what’s really necessary? Are the checks and balances no longer as balanced as they once were?

      When it comes to politics and what’s going on within our government, I’m one of the last people to come to for an opinion. I have never really paid much attention to the goings on of our government or what the President is doing or anything of the sort, which is something I really need to change. For this paper, I had to do some research in order to form any kind of an educated opinion about the executive branch and the presidential power.

One of the things I did know is that because the Constitution does not thoroughly describe the powers of the executive branch, it has continually grown and changed throughout the years since the Constitution was ratified, due largely in part to the amendments, and has gradually become more and more powerful. Perhaps too powerful. Something that I learned about the executive branch is that the President has executive privilege, or the power to keep...