There are many different varieties of coffee, but there is two types used in today’s market, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is the more flavorful of the two, and it is considered a higher quality type of coffee bean. Robusta on the other hand, although higher in caffeine, is lacking in both flavor and quality compared to the Arabica bean. This being the case, as a firm we have chosen to produce Arabica coffee beans for the true coffee lovers. Our company has also decided to implement a joint venture with an established international coffee plantation. Mixing all of our available resources, with the Venture Company’s knowledge and expertise in the production of coffee, we as a corporation will create a flavorful coffee the world will enjoy!
Coffee beans are actually the seeds of a fruit that look similar to a cherry in shape and color. Each one of these berries produces two beans. These coffee beans grow in a tree that belongs to a variety of tropical evergreens. Throughout the tree’s entire life span they can reach anywhere from 16 to 40 feet high. But these trees are maintained at six feet in plantations since they are more manageable and easier to hand pick. These types of coffee evergreen trees produce a full yield of berries until its sixth year and the prime production of trees last for ten years. In order to produce high quality coffee beans, trees need to be planted in areas containing temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. As well as areas that offer plentiful rain, sunshine, and a constant weather switch between the two. Furthermore, the trees need a type of soil to nurture properly that is fast drying, contains a little moisture, and is never soggy.
In today’s market there are two known ways to properly plant coffee, the traditional method and the nursery method. The traditional method includes 20 seeds planted per hole.   The traditional method is an old method developed a long time ago. The science of planting coffee beans has...