The Seven Years War

The Seven Years War
Garland Herridge
August 1, 2010

I looked out my window this afternoon and I saw my neighbor’s slaves planting more cotton.   It is a sad time in our world, people have no problem owning other people, and authority figures look the other way when slaves are treated badly. Countries are fighting over small things. Even the waters that we use to ship goods to and from other lands are being taxed so kings can make money to further their own power. The 1700’s do not look to bright so far.
Our political views differ from other lands. First of all our political leaders want to fight, but it is not to invade other lands. They are fighting to free our country from unfair taxes. Parliament in Europe decided that they wanted to tax documents and almost everything else being imported and exported.   The stamp act as I have heard people call it is an unfair tax. The English parliament has come up with a little stamp to put on goods saying a certain amount should be taxed. We are very against this since we had no say in the matter.
Socially it is an odd situation here. We have people that are proud of being English and then we have the people that are not proud and also very irate towards the people that are English. People that are proud to come from such a powerful background and people that are ashamed to come from that sort of background. There are however a few things that keep us together. One is our religion. We are very religious god fearing people. We enjoy going to church for many reasons. One is we enjoy our sermons and two is it is a town meeting of sorts. After the sermon we go over town issues such as crop turn outs, new immigrants, and money issues. The second thing that keeps us together is our crops. We use these not only to feed our families but also to sell and trade with other lands.  
There is one subject I do not agree with most people on. This is slavery. My neighbors, my friends, my family, my fellow church members,...