Describe How You Might Contribute to a Lesson Given to a Group of Seven-Year-Old Children Learning to Play Percussion Instruments.

1. Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven-year-old children learning to play percussion instruments.

I would start by ensuring that the learning environment was set up properly, clean, tidy, with plenty of room for the children to spread out as needed.   I would check that the instruments were all in good working order and nothing was damaged or broken.   I would ensure that they were prepared and ready for the children to start the lesson.   I would make sure that there was something for everyone and that each child got the instrument they wanted so that no one was left out.     I would also make sure that the instruments were age and size appropriate for the children in accordance with the teacher’s and the manufacturer’s instructions.

During the lesson I would watch out for any pupils who may be having problems and I would help and encourage those children overcome their difficulties so they could achieve the results required by the teacher.   Supporting the teacher in managing pupil’s behaviour and reporting any misbehavior is also very important.   If the teacher wanted I would also make or play a recording of some music so that the children could join in on their various instruments or I could record the children playing their instruments and play it back to them – this would encourage them to participate and enjoy their lesson.     I would assist in any administrative roles such as photocopying etc.   Finally, I would the support the teacher by keeping any records and making any observations as requested to by the teacher.   When the lesson was over I would encourage the children to help tidy their instruments away safely whilst checking each item was in perfect condition before putting it back safely.   If anything was damaged or broken I would bring it to the attention of the teacher.      

2. What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion...