Seven Years' War

Seven Years' War Paper

University of Phoenix

Seven Years' War Paper

January 10, 1759

Dear Diary,

I am writing in you to tell you about the social cultures and people whom have settled in the North America colonies. I have been carefully paying attention to these people who are in the surrounding territories and colonies. Life is rough at the moment. I feel the need to express what I am seeing and feeling.
Something I could not wait to write about was that there is surprisingly a large number of Africans in the population, who have been brought over from the African continent and the islands in the Caribbean. A large percentage of the Africans here are slaves, owned by southern farmers and planters. There are a few Africans that are free men, but work as servants here in the North, and I have come across a few free men working in stables and other jobs.
Way before I or any one arrived on this continent, people were already here. Everyone calls them the Indians and they still remain in several civilized areas. There are a lot more being found in the western parts of the continent where white settlers are just starting to move. Something that I found to be surprising is that the Indians are not all the same. Their people are divided into these tribes, which are small groups of Indians settled in different places, and they each have their own ways of doing things and their own names. We do a bit of trading of goods with the tribes that are living near us because, most tribes farm or hunt for their food.
The colonies consist mostly of Europeans. Settlers here have come from Germany, England, Netherlands, Wales, and many other countries. It has come to my attention that no matter where they have come from, they have brought their former practices and beliefs from their homeland. Whether they are Christian, Puritans, Anglicans, Baptists, or Quakers they have brought their skills and trades with them, and it is unexplainable to watch...