The Seven Years War

The Seven years’ War

During the eighteenth- century the diverse social and political backgrounds that existent during this time was hard on us all even before the war even started some of the colonials seen the social and political developments made from them different from the English. The British Empire had been said that they did not want to allow us to become English in the first place. Then when the war had end there were plenty of events that follow that showed even more that we were not seen as political equals to the English still living in England. With their empire deepened the British living from Massachusetts to Georgia discovered slowly who they were and this is how we started to form our own independence from the English.
What people don’t know is that the war actually had lasted for nine years from 1754 to 1763. With the Britain’s and its allies, Prussia, France, Austria, and Spain. The battle even went throughout the whole European continent all the way to the coast of West Africa, India, the Philippines, the Caribbean Island, and of course, the North American continent. I still remember after all these years of how the war had started back in 1754 over the Ohio River valley with the English, French, and the Native Americans   was led by our first president George Washington had surrender at Fort Necessity. This had stiffened Britain’s resolve to assert its own claim to the Ohio country.   In the summer of 1755 when the two British regiments led by Major General Edward Braddock approached the French outpost at Fort Duquesne on the forks of the Ohio; they had got ambushed, and cut to pieces by the French and the Native Americans.  
With our men injured George Washington led Braddock and the rest of the wounded in a retreat if it weren’t for him leading us and a retreat we all could have died. Also during the summer during one of our biggest defeat, the New Englanders managed somewhat better than we did against the French army in Nova Scotia...