The School Aims

The School Aims

The school recognises:

That each child is unique and individual

That we should encourage a positive self-image in each child with a desire to learn and always to do his/her best.

That we should provide opportunities for the child's social, moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative development.

The need to involve children in developing understanding, co-operation and cultural awareness and to instil a sense of justice and fair play.

The need to develop and extend the concepts, skills, positive attitudes and knowledge necessary for the child's continuing education and future.

The school must provide, for all its pupils, a broad, balanced, relevant experience covering the academic, social, moral and spiritual aspects of education. All pupils, regardless of ability, gender and ethnic origin, should be given access to all areas of the curriculum and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Pupils will work best in a caring, interesting and stimulating learning environment. Discipline is needed to maintain the atmosphere so that pupils feel a sense of security and an awareness of the needs of others. Teaching staff recognise the importance of co-operation between home and school and that good relationships with parents essential.

The school will be in a better position to succeed in its aim if all staff are involced in plannong, reviewing and decision making and are committed to whole school policies that have evolved from within.

The school will not tolerate racism and racist attitudes exhibited by staff, pupils, parents or visitors.