Taking Into Account the Particular Challenges Faced by Students in Your Placement School, How Will You Set Out to Provide an Inclusive Education That Responds to Their Needs as Learners and Raises the Attainment of All?

Taking into account the particular challenges faced by students in your placement school, how will you set out to provide an inclusive education that responds to their needs as learners and raises the attainment of all?

School X is a state school with a sports specialism which caters for boys and girls aged 11-16. It is located in a large borough of South London which has high unemployment rates with only 77.2% of the 16-74 age group economically active (LEA, Local Implementation Plan, 2006). The school's district is officially the most ethnically diverse in South London and is also one of the poorest with 35% of households having an annual income of less than £15,000. This is reflected in the school's deprivation indicator which is in the upper percentile nationally (Ofsted, 2009a).
Broken windows and peeling paint are prominent features throughout school X and the latest Ofsted report stated that the accommodation provided a poor learning environment in some areas. The school was due for a rebuild under the 'Building Schools for the Future Programme' but has been a victim of the recent cuts to public sector spending and all proposed funding has now been cancelled with immediate effect. The school however remains optimistic stating that ''it’s not the building that matters, but the people'' and the head has confirmed he will be pressing the senior officers of the LA and local politicians to honour the pledge of a rebuild.
School X was classed as satisfactory overall (Ofsted, 2009b) but good or outstanding in some key areas. One area which received an outstanding rating was 'Care, guidance and support'. Although the number of children in vulnerable circumstances in the school is higher than average, their welfare, well-being and progress are supported very well. Creating an environment where pupils feel safe and happy is something the school prides itself on.
The school is oversubscribed emphasising its positive reputation in the community and currently...