Unit 302 – Schools as Organisations

Unit 302 – Unit 302 – Schools as organisations
Learning Outcome 5: Understand the purpose of school policies and procedures

Schools should provide a caring, constructive learning environment for pupils and safe, supportive working conditions for staff. Staff and pupils have the right to work and learn in a climate of respect.   To achieve and maintain such order schools have policies and procedures.  
Policies and procedures are important because they set rules.   An effective policy should provide a sound basis upon which more detailed actions, conduct, principles and plans can be layered.   It should give members of staff an indication of what their role might be in implementing it.   Most importantly it should provide a united approach that distinguishes the school.   It is through the setting and the monitoring and evaluation of its implementation that the governing body and head teacher fulfils its main purpose of raising standards and securing the welfare of its pupils but the responsibility of the government to enforce such strategies are in place.
School policies should be readily available for the whole school community.   Copies of policies and procedures should be available in the school reception or on the school website but this is not always the case in all schools.   All staff within the school should have access and read all school policies and procedures so that they have an understanding and basic knowledge of them but this is also not the case in all schools.
Policies and procedures that relate to staff are confidentiality, code of conduct and discipline and grievance. In summary staff need to ensure they use confidentiality where needed. To be aware where they discuss sensitive information and with whom they are talking to. Report and record using appropriate channels and documents. To up hold a certain standard and how they present themselves to children, other staff, outside agencies and parents.
Pupil welfare policies and procedures are...