Schools Aims and Objectives

Schools AIMS:
A school   recognises the potential of every individual to achieve excellence.The school   strives to positively address underachievement and have very high expectations for all members of our school community. The school works hard to creatively remove barriers to achievement and raise esteem.The school is determined to create a true culture of ‘learning for all’ through meaningful partnerships with the whole school community. Everyone works to provide a welcoming, calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere. Consideration, encouragement of positive role models, respect for others, their property and the environment are schools major   priorities. The school aims to deliver a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum in an optimum learning environment that is attractive, stimulating, informative and instils a sense of pride.

Schools Objectives

From the schools   stated aims, the whole school community works to achieve the following objectives:
    • A happy, calm and nurturing school community
    • A highly stimulating learning environment
    • Mutual respect and understanding
    • An inclusive education free from discrimination
    • Encouragement to make informed and responsible choices about how we behave and the impact of this on others
    • Very high standards and expectations/intolerance of underachievement
    • Access to an exciting, progressive and varied curriculum
    • Development of self motivation, independence, positive attitudes and confidence
    • Provide positive and diverse role models

There are clear evidences of these objectives around the whole school. All adults working   share, understand and demonstrate the practice of these objectives.

Early Years Foundation Stage
The Early Years Foundation Stage   starts from birth to five years. Early years schools cater   three to five year olds.

The schools have a Nursery classes and   Reception classes which   aim to provide a welcoming, safe and secure...