The Rose of Death

(Steven Wake up in hotel suite on couch very tired and confused while Jessica is on the floor still asleep)
Steven: (Throws pillow on Jessica to wake up)
Jessica: What the? (confused)
Steven: What? (acts like if waking up too)
Jessica: You always do that to me! I always end up on the floor!
Steven: I don’t know???(with attitude)
Jessica: Whatever (rolls eyes, then gets up very agitated and heads to the bathroom) (Gets out): Is it that hard to ask for to close the toilet seat?
Steven: what? There was like 80 people here last night here at the hotel. You would blame me.
Jessica: It was probably you (u walk back in the bathroom)
Steven: (says to self) I don’t complain about her leaving her bras and underwear everywhere. (walk behind the curtains to get ready)
Jessica: (says to self) it’s not like I leave my bras and underwear everywhere… sigh* You know what where on spring break, I don’t need to be in a bad mood…
- (starts fixing hair, makeup, etc. Then talks to self) I’m a good gf right??...(slowly gets into denial) I mean, I’m better than his last girlfriends (gets positive attitude back)
Steven: (walks out and watches t.v.)
Jessica: (fixes hair then comes out to Steven) How does my hair look?
Steven: What do you mean?
Jessica: (mad) What do you mean what do I mean?! I just asked you how my hair looks.
Steven: No reply (shrugs, too interesting in tv)
Jessica: You gotta be kidding me (walks back inside the bathroom) I take too much from him
  * You know what, I just need to wear my new dress and I’ll feel better. He better like this dress –I paid enough for it.. well he actually paid for it, he just doesn’t know it yet (laugh/smile   to self)
  * (puts on dress then walks out then stands in front of tv to get stevens attention)
Steven: (confused) uhmm? What are you doing..?
Jessica: (mad/whatever) sigh* I don’t even know why I try
Steven: Try what??? – we have to go anyways
Jessica: (still mad) okay
(we both walk to car and I’m the one...