The Death of Women Wang

Death of Women Wang

    This story is an historical account of a small town called “T’ang-Ch’en

in   Northern China in the 1670’s.   According to the local history of   T’ang-Ch’en”, this

town suffered various disasters in a short time period. The author gives us some insights

on how women were viewed (treated) during this dark poverty stricken place and

time. The author continues to tell us tales on how people lived through recurrent wars and

disasters.   Particular, he writes about one family dilemma, “The Wang family”.   Mrs.

Wang ran away from her home, but unfortunately returns home and is killed.  

  One of the magistrates who served in T’an-ch’eng city in the year 1670 was Huang Liu-

hung.   He noticed when he arrived at   T'an-ch'eng, “that the people's problem was one of

basic survival- physical and moral- in a world that seemed to be disintegrating before

their eyes”.   (P. 9) As mentioned in the book for over thirty years there had been various

disasters and re-occurring   mishaps. For example; there were lots of floods then

the famine of 1665. This was a major devastation for these people.   They were dying of

starvation. They could not harvest any grain.   Many of them died in the 1668 earthquake

as told in a tale in the book.   The people of T’an-ch’eng who actually survived the

earthquake tell how they saw “ buildings and homes collapse and rise again”, “The

sounds of men and women screaming, The waters rose many feet high killing a lots of

people. (p.19) Along with the natural disasters, there were evil bandits killing and

looting out in the countryside.   T’an-ch’eng City station was right off the main road.   The

Army always stopped there to supplies their troops with the basic essentials. However,

while they were there they would rape T’an-ch’eng women.

    In the biographies of T’an-ch’eng women’s there were actual accounts on the behavior

of women.   The author writes an...