Grace in Death

Babette Becker

      English 102.09

      Prof. K. A. Wisniewski

      February 16, 2010

      Grace in Death

      Grandmother, in her selfish pursuit to live in the past, constantly reminiscing about her old fashioned way of life many years ago, steered her entire family down a road to its eventual demise.   From the opening lines of the story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, written by Flannery O’Connor, the grandmother seemed to be on the journey of a self fulfilled prophecy that started when she read about the “misfit” in the morning paper.   Through symbolism, Flannery O’Connor tells the story of an old lady who lived most of her life in gentler times when people had southern charm, manners, and a strong faith in God.   Due to the breakdown of humanity, the Grandmother, in her grumpy, pushy manner was desperately seeking something that she was unable to find in her current life, but may have finally found in herself, during her last moments, as she prepared to die.

      She lived with her son and his family, where her cantankerous manner was met with indifference and distain.   She was not afforded the respect that the elderly had come to enjoy in past times.   She must have felt frustrated and bitter, constantly being ignored and patronized.   Her family seemed to ridicule her and treat her as if she was a bothersome obligation.   These feelings were expressed as she tried to talk her son out of going to Florida for their family vacation.   She tried to convey her concerns about the misfit running loose in Florida, and tried to sway her son into going to Tennessee instead, where she had past ties and fond memories.   Her son buried himself in his paper and ignored his mother.   She resigned herself to the reality of the Florida vacation and was the first member of the family to board the family vehicle, ready to embark on the family adventure.   Did she have a premonition that this could be her last day?   As the family was leaving for their...