The Role of the Manager Within the Functional Areas of Business

The Role on Management within the Functional Areas of Business

Shakeya Scott

MGT/521 Management

February 09, 2015

Kim Hinton

The Role on Management within the Functional Areas of Business

      Despite the various strategies and missions of a business all businesses participate in a common denominator. This characteristic is the occupational field of the business that companies acquire no matter the type of business they are in. The functional areas of business may diverge from company and industry but its root principle remain in any functioning system. All businesses consist of several functional departments.   These divisions perform a specialized role that helps the company primarily.   The common functional areas of businesses are management, law, human resources, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research and statistics, operations management, marketing, and strategic planning.   If a company did have these functions working collectively the company would not be in business. Each department has its own relevant goal to ensure the establishment’s success.   The manager that is behind the scenes of each function is more relevant than the function itself, as the manager has to make sure their role is successful within the company. As we exemplify the functional areas, let’s take a quick look at them and the type of operation each consist of:


Management officiates and supervisor’s different levels of the corporation, from the consumer side to supply chain. Basically, managers make certain that organization missions are met when workers are adequate and proficient with their set tasks. A powerful management squad aids to ensure that company needs are being met on a daily basis.


Law has several functions and roles in businesses today. This is an extremely large important part of any business. Law is needed when considering establishing a business as far as zoning is...