Functional Areas of Business

Functional Areas of Business
April Kuhia
September 8, 2014
Renee Green

Functional Areas of Business
      Every organization big or small relies on a number of key functions that are vital for success. Small businesses may have one or two individuals but, in a big organization, a number of individuals with special qualifications are needed to perform different tasks or functions. Managers have to study the functional areas of business to find effective ways of communication for effective leadership. In this paper, the functional areas of business, the relationship between different functional areas, and the vital role of managers will be discussed.
      Functional Areas of Business
      Every organization big or small performs key functions on a daily basis which includes customer service, production, sales, and distribution to name a few. Small businesses may have a couple of individuals who performs more than one tasks, but big organizations rely on people with special qualifications. Larger organizations require different departments that perform different tasks such as accounting, purchasing, human resources, financial, and customer services.
      Functional Areas of Business Organizations
      Large organizations have many departments that make it easier to identify with the different functional areas. Every department has to perform different tasks. Some of the functional areas in business organizations are as follows: production which insures the quality of a product, sales to achieve its target goals, marketing to identify and fulfill customer needs, human resources to maintain the staffing and support of professional development just to name a few. All of the organizations departments perform different functions with one common goal: success.
      Relationship between Different Functional Areas
      The success of an organization depends solely on the cohesion of the functional areas. For instance, contacts and the collaboration...